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How To Write a Great Commercial Song 


Award Winning Songwriter/Composer Richard Melvin Brown aka RICK


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 Rick's Bio    aka Richard Melvin Brown.   Rick has been involved in the Music Business for over 50 years, in (Canada, The United States and Europe) as an Award Winning Songwriter, Record Producer/Arranger, Studio Musician, Pianist and Music Director for "The Canadian Country Music All-Star Show" and former band member for Renowned Grammy Award Winning Record Producer David Foster.  

Originally from "Victoria, British Columbia, Canada", Rick launched his career there playing keyboards and drums in several of Victoria's popular bands, and in 2008 was inducted into the Victoria B.C. Musicians Hall Of Fame.

Rick's Award Winning Collaboration  In 1992  (SOCAN, Canada's Premier Performing Rights Organization) awarded Rick and "Lyricist Collaborator Frank Stachow" the Alberta Recording Industry Associations "Songwriter/Composer Of The Year" Award, for the song Silhouettes and Shadows, recorded by popular Canadian vocalist Joanna Petty. This song received considerable airplay on radio stations across the Country and Abroad.  Numerous other songs that Rick has composed music to have been published and recorded by various artists in The United States, Canada and Europe.

Rick is also a Trade/Certified Piano Tuner (recently retired) who's 40 plus years of customers have included music teachers, schools, hotels, churches, night clubs, recording studios, private owners and countless professional Piano Players.    

And last but not least, Rick is the Author of THE SONGSCULPTOR METHOD, and through this Best Selling AUDIO Book and e-Book, and also through his website Songsculptor.com, Rick now provides a helping hand to lyricists (who are in need of some Musical Expertise) in realizing their dreams of becoming a Professional Songwriter. Get yours here Please click the Banner links below for more info

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