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Professional Song Productions 50/50 Collaboration starting from only $100.   © 2002 Your Name   Music composed to your Lyric WORK FOR HIRE starting from only $75.

Award Winning Songwriter, Record Producer and Music Educator Rick Brown (Richard Melvin Brown) aka "Songsculptor" will compose music to your lyric, and then produce and record your "Original Song Production" on a 50/50 Collaboration basis or WORK FOR HIRE agreement. 

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There is never a charge for composing music to your lyrics and you are under no obligation to proceed any further.

However, should you decide to take your song to the highest possible level for marketing and promotion purposes "a Professional Full Band/Vocal Demo Recording" then I do charge a nominal one-time fee for the time and resources that are involved in the Recording and Production process.


My very affordable rates (starting at only $100.) for a  Professional Song  Production are listed below, but please continue to read down the page for all the specifics on exactly what it is that Songsculptor can do for you, and how you can get started on the road to becoming a professional songwriter

Do You Have a Way With Words but can't carry a tune in a bucket?

Music composed to YOUR lyrics and transformed into a great commercial song.

PLUS > a Professionally Produced Full Band/Vocal Production of your song that you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

* And YOU own the copyright

* 100 percent on a WORK FOR HIRE agreement.   50 percent on a 50/50 Collaboration agreement

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  About Songsculptor and Rick Brown     Rick's BIO 

Songsculptor Music Service was created to provide assistance to the serious lyricist that is in need of Musical Collaboration and Song Production expertise on a 50/50 Collaboration basis or on a WORK FOR HIRE agreement.

Songsculptor is not for everyone. If you are a skilled musical composer, and have expertise in the field of "Song Production and Recording" you probably don't need any help from me.

NOW,  with that said  >  and if you think I may be able to help you  Turn Your Words into a SONG

 Welcome To Songsculptor 

Songsculptor provides Original Music for serious and aspiring lyricists.  Let me make one thing perfectly clear > I AM NOT a so-called "music mill" that cranks out generic melodies.  Each melody and chord progression that I compose is fashioned to bring out the very best of YOUR lyrics potential.   I am an Award Winning Composer and I take my music writing very seriously.  The bottom line is this: I love composing and recording Original Music, I've been doing it for a very long time, and I am very good at what I do.   I  Testimonials from Lyricists   I  Reviews of our Song Demos

songwriter lyricist help  What you get for FREE © 2002 Your Name   I DO NOT charge any fee for composing music to your lyrics, and will also provide you with an Instrumental MP3/MIDI file of your song melody/music  (5 piece Band Arrangement) for you to listen to ABSOLUTELY FREE before taking your song to the next level  “a Professional Full Band/Vocal  Production” > Should you decide to do that. REMEMBER you are under no obligation to proceed any further.


There is one other thing I'd like to be VERY clear on. I specialize in "Easy Listening", "Adult Contemporary Soft Pop", "Smooth Jazz" and what some would call "Singer/Songwriter" type songs. Singer/Songwriter type songs are along the lines of James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen to name a few. I also produce what is commonly referred to as  Country/Pop Crossover. These are songs that are somewhat Country but also have a Pop flavor to them. Songs that could appear on both the Country and Pop charts.

I also love to work with lyrics that are of a lyrically Spiritual persuasion, and produced musically in an "Adult Contemporary Soft Pop, or Country/Pop Crossover"  style. "Easy Listening SONGS OF FAITH" as some would call them. You can have a listen to some of my "Songs Of Faith" song productions here.

ALSO > Although I provide Professional Recordings of songs that I co-write with lyricists such as yourself on both a 50/50 arrangement or on a Work For Hire agreement, I am not a demo service. If you have a melody in your head for your lyrics but do not have the expertise to turn your Words and Melody into a Professional Song Production what you are in need of is a Song Demo Service. There are many very good reputable Demo Services available on The Internet. If this is your situation I suggest you do a Google search for "SONG DEMOS" or "SONG DEMO SERVICE" or something similar. To reiterate, the Professional Song Recordings I produce are limited to lyrics that are sent to me for the specific reason of having music composed to them. These are lyrics that I am confident that I can turn into a viable and commercially recordable song.  Is your lyric one of those? Why don't you send me one and find out. There's no obligation and I'll tell you straight out if your lyric has any potential. If your lyric needs work I'll be politely honest with you on what you need to do to make it the best it can be.

I also urge you to Have A Listen to some songs I've had the privilege to write or co-write, produce and record. This will give you an idea of my composing style AND my Production and preferred Genre style. This will help you decide if I am the collaborator that is right for you. I don't claim to be the answer for everyone.

This is also IMPORTANT:  Please read my Submission Guidelines before submitting any of your lyrics. If your lyric doesn't (at least make an attempt) to follow the guidelines it will most likely be rejected. Also > I DO NOT accept any old mediocre lyric just in hopes that you will pay me money to produce a Professional Demo for you. My standards are too high and my time is too valuable for that kind of nonsense. Also, when you see below how low my rates are you'll realize that I don't do this for the money. The reality is (on 50/50 agreements) I barely break even on all the expenses that are involved, and the extra I charge for WORK FOR HIRE barely covers the time and resources that are involved. So "with that said" please do not feel badly if I do reject your lyric. It just means you need to work on it a bit more, and I will do my best to give you an honest opinion on how to improve on it. Believe me it will pay off for you in the end.

Why Songsculptor Does NOT charge to write music to your lyrics?

I want you to be completely happy and satisfied with the melody and chord progression I provide for your lyrics. If you are not happy with it then you are under no obligation to proceed any further and there is no cost to you at all. 

You really have nothing to lose.  I'm an Award Winning Composer, it's what I do BEST. I'm quite confident that you will love what I come up with for your lyrics. HOWEVER > if you decide that the melody/music that I have composed to your lyric is not quite what you're looking for,  I will not ask you for a dime, and you will be free to submit your lyric to another music service or composer. Like I said before, I don't claim to be the answer for everyone.

NOW > for those who ask > WHY do I also sell my musical compositions on a Work For Hire basis?

I have found over the years that there is a large number of people that prefer to work on a Work For Hire basis where they own 100 percent of the copyright > and they're willing to pay a little bit extra for that. Add in the fact that I love composing music and THAT'S IT. It's as simple as that. If a WORK FOR HIRE type of arrangement is for you please read on. Or jump right to the Production rates

Have you heard the term Ghost Writer?  This is someone who is normally associated with the world of books and helps an author (who is not an expert in writing) to write a book. This is what I do in songwriting. I help lyricists who know little or nothing about music turn their words into a commercially viable finished song. 

Work For Hire is for those of you who would prefer to own 100 percent rights to your song, (Words AND Music). 

This is the technical meaning of the term "Work For Hire" (WFH) as defined by the U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office.

In Summary >  you hire me to compose the music to your lyrics and record a Professional Demo for you.  With "WORK FOR HIRE" the finished song (Words AND Music), and the "Song Production" belongs to YOU  Sample Music Sheet

- no splits - no cuts -  You own the resulting song (words and music) and the song production) 100 Percent                                                                       Sample Lyric/Chord Sheet

50/50 Collaboration

SONG Production Rates  rates listed below

For Individual Compositions on a 50/50 basis and a WORK FOR HIRE agreement

Includes an Original Melody and Chord Progression composed to your lyric, and a Lyric/Chord Sheet complete with lyrics and chord cymbals.

NEW low price Straight, Plain and Simple package for those on a limited budget.

50/50 CollaborationStraight, Plain and Simple    50/50 Collaboration

PLEASE NOTE >  Straight, Plain and Simple Package includes Piano, and/or Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, String PAD (if needed) and of course > Lead Vocal. However > Lead Guitars, any other Lead Instruments, and Background Vocals are NOT included. It's just not as embellished as the Whole Enchilada package. That's why it's called Straight, Plain and Simple. This can be an excellent choice for those on a limited budget. You own your song's copyright 50 percent (if needed) depe

Straight, Plain and Simple Package with Male Vocals was $260 Now only $100.   OR >   Full Band C.D. Package with Female Vocals was $360 Now only $200.   

For those of you who choose to collaborate on a 50/50 basis your nominal contribution towards recording costs is greatly appreciated


50/50 CollaborationThe Whole Enchilada    50/50 Collaboration

PLEASE NOTE >  The Whole Enchilada Full Band Internet Package includes (Piano, Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Lead Guitars and/or Other Lead Instruments and Strings (if needed) depending on arrangement and Genre. And of course > Lead Vocal and 2 Background Vocals mixed in stereo (The Whole Enchilada) You own your song's copyright 50 percent (if needed) depending on arrangement and Genre. And of course > Lead Vocal and 2 Background Vocals mixed in stereo.

Full Band Internet Package with Male Vocals was $260 Now only $200.  I OR > was $360  Now Only $300. with Female Vocals 

 For those of you who choose to collaborate on a 50/50 basis your nominal contribution towards recording costs is greatly appreciated

For WORK FOR HIRE rates please Click HERE   Work For Hire rates start at only $75.


As you can see my rates are extremely low.  Due to the current on-going un-stable economic climate I've slashed my Song Production Rates significantly, and now also offer a "Straight, Plain and Simple" Package for the financially-challenged lyricist/songwriter.

Professional Song Productions of this caliber, "not to mention the original musical composition to your lyric" can easily cost several hundred and sometimes even Thousands of Dollars. Composing the music, then the recording process involved in producing a "Professional Radio Ready Song Production." can take a significant amount of time and resources. I'm proud to offer a First-Class "State Of The Art" service that all Thrifty and Budget-Wise lyricist/songwriters can afford. I cannot guarantee how long these low rates will continue so if you're serious about your writing I urge you to act now.

e-Mail me your lyric(s) now and I will provide a GREAT Melody/Chord Progression & Arrangement ASAP © 2002 Your Name


To Submit Lyrics please read the Submission Guidelines.

Please Note: Do not send me any money now. You are NOT required to submit payment until after your lyrics are received and worked on, and the melody composed to your lyrics have been approved by you. You have nothing to lose.

What You Will Receive


Songsculptor Richard Melvin Brown writes original music to your lyrics or poetry,  and professionally custom demo's your song.

This includes > Original musical composition to an Original lyric that you provide.

You will also receive a professionally produced custom demo uploaded to The Internet as Audio and Data files (which you can download).

Your AUDIO files (both WAVE and MP3) will include a Professional Full Band/Vocal C.D. Production of your song with 2 separate mixes. Mix 1: > Full Band with Lead Vocal & Background Vocals,   Mix 2: > Band Tracks Only. The Band Only Tracks can be used to sing along with (karaoke style). The MP3 files can be used to upload to your own website or any other website, and the high bit-rate CD quality Wave files can be used to burn your own CDs if you wish. All modern computers have CD burning capability.

You will also receive in PDF format a  Lyric/Chord Sheet complete with lyrics and chord cymbals. These are great to have for Bands and Musicians that wish to learn your song.       

Songsculptor melodies are Guaranteed to be 100 Percent ORIGINAL.


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