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Award Winning Songwriter, Record Producer and Music Educator Rick Brown (Richard Melvin Brown)


 Songsculptor has hundreds of songs available for your listening pleasure. Please click on the links or the banners below to be re-directed to the Genre of your choice.

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that Rick has a clearly unique style of writing and producing music that he has developed over many years in the Music Business as a Songwriter/Composer, Producer/Arranger and Studio Musician. His songs and "Song Productions" have been affectionately described by many of his fellow Musicians and Colleagues as > Easy Listening Cow-Jazz.  A unique blend of "Easy Listening POP, a sliver of COUNTRY, and a slice of Smooth JAZZ".  Because of this, some songs have been very difficult to categorize as to a specific Genre or Style.  Also, we believe that most songs can be interpreted in many different styles to suit the artist. You decide.

If you are a lyricist in need of a "Veteran AWARD WINNING Musical Composer" we encourage you to have a listen to any or all of our songs. Simply click on the links or Banner Links of the genre of music you prefer. If your a Lyricist-only and Rick's writing style appeals to you we welcome you to Become one of Songsculptor's Co-Writers

Rick's Picks With Vocals a few of Rick's personal favorites from his extensive catalog of song compositions


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PLEASE NOTE: All songs on this website and on the links provided are protected by Copyright and registered with SOCAN and other PRO's (in the case of co-written material).  If you are a Publisher or an Artist "in search of new original material" and would like to acquire Publishing or Re-Record any of Songsculptor's catalog of songs please contact us at:




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