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   A Word About Royaltys

     Royaltys are paid to songwriters by Performing Rights Organizations







  • Why do you need to join a performing rights organization?

  • Because you want to get paid for your creative works. If you are a songwriter, lyricist or composer and have written a song that has been recorded and/or is receiving airplay, you must be a member of a performing rights organization in order to get paid for your work. It would be impossible for the individual composer, lyricist or songwriter to keep track of the millions of public performances by thousands of users around the world. Similarly, a music user would find it impossible, and prohibitively costly, to obtain the permission of each of the hundreds of thousands of copyright owners from around the world each time he or she wished to perform or authorize someone else to perform music.

  • The three big performing rights organizations in the United States are B.M.I.,   ASCAP   and  SESAC.     In Canada it is SOCAN.  There are many others in other countries around the world. Most of these are Non-Profit organizations, and are FREE to join.




Please Note: Songsculptor (Rick Brown) is a long time member of Socan  and co-writes on a 50/50 and Work For Hire basis.

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