Award Winning Songwriter/Composer Richard Melvin Brown aka RICK

PLEASE NOTE I offer Co-Writing (Music Composition) on a Work For Hire agreement. Email me at link below for rates.

OR > a 50/50 Co-Writer Collaboration. Please read below for details.

If you have a track record of having had material recorded and released, and have earned royalties on your past work I will be happy to co-write with you on a 50/50 Co-Writer basis (with no charge to you). I am also happy to work with lyricists on a Work For Hire agreement.
I'm mainly interested in working with Lyricists who know little or nothing about Music Composition. My dominant Forte is in Music Composition " It's what I won a Songwriting Award for "  but I am also a lyricist and can help with your lyrics as well if need be. If you are a schooled Musician and are adept in Music Composition you probably don't need any help from me.
With that said > If you are interested in working with me please email me one or two of your best lyrics that are in need of Music Composition and I will see what I can come up with. ALSO please tell me a bit about yourself and what songwriting you have done in the past and who you have worked with etc. Maybe together we can write a potential Hit Song.
My style of Music Composition is mainly Soft Pop, Country Pop, Traditional Country, Middle of the Road/Easy Listening and Smooth Jazz.

What I Do Not do is > Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rap etc and I don't work with lyrics that have any vulgarity in them.

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