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of  Lyricist Kenneth Francis Flaherty BMI   and Composer Richard Melvin Brown SOCAN

Attention:  Publishers, Artists and Producers.  

Please have a listen to the following Original Songs for consideration in your future recording projects. 

These demos have been recorded in a "Middle of the Road Country Pop Style" but could be easily interpreted in other musical styles by both Male or Female vocalists.
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Publishing is negotiable

For serious inquiries please contact

Rick Brown  or Ken Flaherty



   Archie Diablo Demize and Vitoria Veritas Vanitas   

   The Giver   

   First Second  

   The Light  


   Clayton Digger  

   I Will Find You 

   I Am    

I Love  

Between A Rock And A Far Place      

For the Female vocal version of BETWEEN A ROCK AND A FAR PLACE Click Here

Let Go        

For the Female vocal version of LET GO Click Here

   You Must Believe      

For the Female vocal version of YOU MUST BELIEVE Click Here

We Live By Your Breath   

For the Female vocal version of WE LIVE BY YOUR BREATH Click Here

Inside The Heart Of God      

For the Female vocal version of INSIDE THE HEART OF GOD Click Here

Hour Glass Of Life      

For the Female vocal version of HOUR GLASS OF LIFE Click Here

Going Down To Heaven       

For the Female vocal version of GOING DOWN TO HEAVEN Click Here

Lighthouse Soul       

Listen to the Female vocal version of LIGHTHOUSE SOUL here

Above All The Clouds    

For the Female vocal version of ABOVE ALL THE CLOUDS Click Here

This Christmas Bliss     

   The Snowman 

   Another Brooklyn Christmas 


  The following songs in the black box were also composed by Lyricist Kenneth Francis Flaherty BMI   and Composer Richard Melvin Brown SOCAN

Some of these songs can be downloaded at CDbaby at this website > https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/SoulSoothingSongs

Loco the ElfArchibelle ChristmasRoulette

Coffee And A SmokeLove To GiveGoing back HomeHeaven Is Already HereGod Is LoveEternityDream

LoveThe CallingOne More RoundInner SpaceA Happy LifeA Loving SpouseThe Simple ThingsDaddy Chips

To BePenny BloodsmokeMy Sweet CarmelaCoffee To GoSpirit HorseTake What Comes My WayA True Friend

Great MotherThe Dark Road To The LightWalk Into The LightYou Only Have TodayOn This Road

God Is Always The AnswerBreak AwayThe Birth Of New LightThe Poker Game Of LifeHappy Mothers Day

Mamma KingpinMagic GirlArturo MorirAutumnA Peaceful Place InsideGreyson ChiaroscuroCholly Demise

Ready To ReceiveGrowing YoungI'll Be FineLove And DestinyCeleste Diabolique HeavenI Forgive

I Thank YouI Was WrongSleeptimeWhite Light WhaleBecoming The ChangeOne Person ShowPeggy

Fortune Favors The BraveA Streetlight In The RainRoll The DiceBlackjackFatherI Love You So Much

On This Our Wedding DayOh Ireland, bring me back homeWomanThe Son Of ManCandlelightMr. Gray

A Cowboy In The Setting SunTwo EternitiesMy Precious DaughterMy Little VisionFire HeartMy Heart's Vision 

The PastCosmo CincoChoice ChanceBloomTruth Be ToldSmokey WhetstoneChilly FuegoCharlo Muerte

Henry CleaneThe Short and Sweet Life of Morty AmourCompassionate Passion Certainly Unsure

Fine Wine ValentineWell Worth The WaitHave The Happiest Birthday TodayA Christmastime Reminiscence

I've Got Your Heart On My MindFootprints In The SandBlacksmith Charley DaggerHave A Happy New Year

The Beautiful Life of Arty VidaArchie "Diablo" Demize and Vitoria "Veritas"Vanitas The King the Clown and the Dead man


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