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Below are the names of some of the many talented lyricists who have allowed me to help them    Turn their words into a Song  

Please Note:  If you have co-written a song with me in the past and your name is not listed below please accept my apologies. My list of co-writers is so extensive that I'm sure I've missed some. If you let me know that your name is not listed I will most certainly add it ASAP.

Most of the songs listed below are available as MP3 files on this website and various other websites on The Internet, and some have been recorded and released commercially by other various artists.  If you are interested in having a listen to some of Songsculptor's co-written material please visit Songsculptor's   MP3 Listening Page .

Frank Stachow   Too many songs to list.    Frank and I have collaborated on dozens of songs, and Frank is also the Co-Writer of our Award Winning Song Silhouettes and Shadows

To have a listen to Silhouettes and Shadows please click on the song title.  Frank and I have had several songs Published, Recorded and Released by various artists including Silhouettes and ShadowsMoments in Between,   Proud Canadian,  Children Of The Vision  and  The Trouble With Me    

Dennis Charney    Let's Get Together   Published by One Lone Pony Music and Recorded by Lorilee Brooks on the album I Am A Canadian     Click on song title to listen

Award Winning Songwriter, Record Producer and Music Educator Rick Brown

Award Winning Songwriter/Composer Richard Melvin Brown aka RICK


Shirley Frederickson    If I Ever Fall In Love Again and  What Do You Want From Me  Published and Recorded by Shirley Frederickson on the album  Me, Myself and I

Mike Russell      Nail In The Coffin,  Lookin' For Clues,   Listen to all of Russell/Brown songs here

Whiskey Breath And Shakey Hands,  Forgettin' Is Cheaper In Mexico,   

Living With Another "and wishin' it was you",   Just No Words,  

Amber Waves Of Shame,   Pickin' Up All The Pieces,  Cold Hearted Woman, 

Lonely Woman And Bad Booze,   An Unfinished Life,   Playing It Backwards,

The Handwritings On The Ceiling,     No Way I'll Miss You "when you're gone",

Tears In The Rain,   This Lonesome Road,    Makin' My Way Back To Memphis,

 Dangerous Curves Ahead,  You're Doin' That Thing Again, The Best I've Ever Had,

If We Take The Time,    Missoula,    Talking To The Wall,     Tell Me It Ain't So,    

I'll Always Be Your Man,    Someone To Stop The Rain,   Whiskey Creek,

I Wish I Didn't Love You (so damn much),  Past The Tracks, 

Kenneth Flaherty   Too many songs to list,  Listen to all of Flaherty/Brown songs here

Here's the short list > Well Worth The Wait,   Compassionate Passion,  We Live By Your Breath,  

Between A Rock And A Far Place,  Going Down To Heaven,  Fine Wine Valentine, 

Inside The Heart Of God,  Lighthouse Soul,  Let Go,  You Must Believe, 

Hour Glass Of Life,   Eternal Me,   This Christmas Bliss,  

Oh Ireland Bring me Back Home. Above All The Clouds,

Have The Happiest Birthday Today

Phyllis O'Steen   You Don't Even Know Who I Am,   Thank You God,  

A Little In The Middle,      Perhaps,   You Always Knew,   Let Me Be Just Me,  

Fairy Tales,  Dear Heart,  Brand New Attitude,   Better Or For Worse,

Every Night When The Sun Goes Down,    I Want To Live For You,  Oh Yeah,

50-50,    Make The Hurt Go Away,  Little Children,  Is That All There Is To Life,

Corky Wise     Listen to all of Wise/Brown songs here

Cryin' My Sad Tears,  No Wheelchairs In Heaven,

Someone She Threw Away,  I Don't Wanna Go Home,   The Dog And The Cat,  

 Love The Hurt Away,  Old Town Drunk,  Let's Part As Friends,  

Drinkin' Straight Whiskey,  Give Me A Double,   My Head's In The Bottle,  

Hello Are You Listening,  Your Special Letter,  The Son I've Never Seen, 

Angel Tears,  No Mans Zone,  My Bluegrass Song,   It's How Life Goes, 

She's My Wife    Shattered Love,        

John Phillip Kitsco   Pretty Little Sunshine Girl  

Marvin Lane  Hallelujah,  We Praise You We Worship you,

Save Your Prayers For Jesus,  I Wish Upon The Stars,  True Love Will Set You Free

We Sing Hallelujah,  Our Hope Lies In You,   Take Me Away,   He's Your Shepherd

Ricky Lee Savage    They're My Girls,        I'm Just Bein' Me     

THEY'RE MY GIRLS  has recently been recorded by the Twittybirds, Conway Twitty's former band who've come out of retirement and recorded their first album since Conway's death.    The album title is : On Our Own. 

Rebekah Peter   Run Amy Run < on You Tube,   I Hum The Verses,  On My List,  Between Those Man-Made Cracks

Albert "Bo" Parker    As I Stand Before You

Chris Meredith    Wear The Right Smile

Ron Patton    What I Never Had With You    has been published with  Lamon Records/Nashville  Feb/05

Marilyn Oakley  The Beauty In My Lady   Recently Published and Recorded

Paul Rodrigue  Let's Grow Our Love Together

Julie Ellis  Face To Face, Touch and Go, No More Lonely, The Clock Is Ticking

Something Isn't Right,     Not Guilty,    Man With No Name,     Love In A Coffee Cup

Paul Orshoski       Poncho Was A Two-Can Screamer,

It's Not The Size Of The Dog,  Nightmare On Oak Street,  Trust In Your Heart

Some Days The Bear Gets You,    When Ringo Was A Star

Paul Foreman   Gone Again,    Secret Life,     Another Lonely Heartache,   

Empty Thoughts ,  Stay Awhile,   Once Again,  Since I Found You,  

Just Say You'll Stay, I'm Not About To Rush You Now, This Is My Life,  

First Time And Forever,  Never Look Back, What I Never Told You, 

Never Stop Dreaming 

Chuck Johnson   No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Grow My Love

As Fast As You, Shoot From The Hip, Up The Creek, The Shady Side Of Town,

Diane Norris     Mama's Gone Crazy,   When You Find The Time

Two Shots From Three Sheets To The Wind,  Touch Me     

Alice Fisk              STARS AND STRIPES “and kindlier gripes”

Donna Johnson    A Different Life

Dorinda Beldi    It's A Good Day For The Desert,   Just Enough Of You,    Hello Sadness

John Baylor      Amos The Little Elf,  Santa's Got All The Gadgets, 

Living In A Wal-Mart Parking Lot,    Hall Of Fame For Boozers

Mike Werry     The Fishin' Hole,     Are There Enough Angels To Go Around,

Two More Days And A Wake Up,      Nowhere Home        

Allen Saylor  Momma,    Country Time,    Empty Lot ,   

A Lone Star In The Sky,  Fisherman Blues,    A Soldiers Song     

Howie F. Meyer  "Just Wondering"   "One Finger Freddie"    "Rumdiddle"  

" The Bells of Freedom"  "R-Band"    and from Howie Meyer's Musical Play 

The Fireman's Daughter:   "The Endless Dream"    " The City"    

" Lonely People"   "The Magical World of the Stage"  

" There's Life In The Old Boy Yet"    " Hey! Momma I've Fallen in Love"

Melanie Marie Ridner  

Tears Of Pearls, Are You Missin' Me?  Fools Heart,  It Won't Be You,  

Memories Of You, Someone Loves You,  Cherokee Maiden,  These Arms,  

Closed Doors, Walk Away Love,  Coon Hunter,   Sweet Memories  

Bonnie Macleod   Show Me    Marsha Lee Hughes  My Mother's Song

Lila Joseph    That Big Old Moon,    Starlight And Candle Night

Charlotte Cole   I Don't Want You To Go, I  Don't Need You, 

I Want A Big Old Noisy Christmas,   Sex Is Just A Band-aid

Chet Raj Gurung           Then I Felt Like Flying, Now I Feel Like Crying     

Give me A Chance,   My Sweetest Sweetest Love,     Your Tender Side

Eric True   The Silence Of This Room,     Distance Grows,   

It Takes A Lot To Last Forever,  The Blues Don't Forget,  

Never Felt Like That Before               James Davis   He Delivered Me

Clint Buehler   (From The Albums "Proud To be Metis" and "I Am A Canadian")

Canada,  Nation Strong And Free,  I Am a Canadian, 

Let The Little Children,  Canada Is My Country  

Vicki Gayle Davis  Let's Do The BBQ,  Another Life Is Born,  The Bottle Or Me,  Santa Bring Daddy Home

Laura Utterback The Gift, Self Control, My Crime, Leader Love,

The Meeting,     Dawning Of A New Day

Tammy Griffith   Alpha And Omega,   I Am Yours And You Are Mine,  

I Will Never Stray,   Simple Love,  Have A Little Faith,   God's Wonder

Eddie Hodges   Old Dog New Tricks, The Dew Drop Inn

David McMullen    Zip It Up,  She's Hot,  The Perfect Two,  Ain't It Somethin'

Candy Lee Neel     My Next Journey,  Come Grow With Me,  The Other Half,  Highway 301

Thomas N. Kranig      Spirit of The Mountain,   Tell Me Why

Sania Ouattara            Sometimes

Lori Wahl                Revelation Ballad

Bob Danierla          When My Day Draws Nearer

Linda McCord         Warm November

Keith Fallon            You're Right, She Left,  Little Angels,  Overnight Sensation

Sue Williams           Fairytale Romance,   A Single Last Tear,  Road Signs Of Life,  Take My Memories

Roger Carter     Don't Ever Tell Me

Roxann Schumacher    Gimme' A Break

Dani Stephany       Stepping Stones Of Love

Lorraine Pyette      Move it all,    Old Time General Store

Lynn Holocher    I Love Being With You

Michael White   Real Wild Dancer,  Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Ruthan Moore    The Times When You Were Young

John Fitzpatrick    Crack In The Wood,     Marmalade,     Ashes, 

The Prettiest Girl, The Little Things   

Patricia Brazee  Which Way The Wind Blows

Scott Jeffrey  Please Don't Close The Door,  Ghosts of Christmas Past

Emanuel Evans Jr.     I Believe In Love     Love Looks Good On Paper

Danetta Barney       Release The Reins         A Little Extra Love

Robin Kendrick      Showin' Up,    Love's Illusion

Michael Ricard        Sitting On The Beach

David Allen Brown   Pictures Of You,    What Are You Crying For?  

Roy Shaheen      How Should I Say I Love You

Sandra Bonadonna       See Me      Dear A & R Exec.     Back In Time     Not In A Million Years

Roy Lawaetz      Gettin' Betty To The Jetty      

Nola McCoy     I Believed In You,  Just Along For The Ride

Matthew Geiger  The Fire,  Without   

Mike Claxton  Trailer 22,    A Million Miles From Nashville

Steven West    Until The End Of Time          Because I Love You   

Jonathon Brannon       I Believe In You,    That's All 

Robert Lee Cooks   In The Heart Of A Hero   

James Russell     Call 526-Fool,         Un-Spoken Lesssons    

James Hanna               Rob Drew               Veronica Tronicke

Daddys's Little Girl          Ya Gotta Hit Back                 Lost And Found    

David Unger   The Old Reprobate’s Prayer,   

We Tried To Stretch The Dollar (But It Ripped)        

Sonny Green  I'm So Much In love With You, The House Is Rockin' Tonight     

Michael Coleman    Asleep By Ten,    Daddy Never Taught Me How To Shave   

Carl Reeves   Where Will I Go,     Holding On To You           

Charles Mathers   Backed By Thunder,   Old Habits     

Dan MacCormack  How Often Do We Live 

Neil Whittaker             Both Sides Of Time,      So In Love With You 

Kevin Bradley  Lady of the Moon, Thoughts of You,  I Know I'm Saved

Connie Ford                 What It Takes To be A Man

Dawn Ostrander           The Ache Of My Heart

Julio Diaz         The Direction Of The Heart,         Forgive Me My Child  

Victoria Costanzo   I Won't Cry       Matt Adams        Hold Me

Jennifer Thompson   Somehow Someday,   My Best Defense  

Gary Appleton   We're The Troop From The U.S.A.

(Dedicated to Former Iraq President Saddam INSANE)  

Louise Collins  Let's Play Make Believe,  Don't Tell Me You're Sorry      

Paul Sayers   Until Today      David Lee   Mimi       

Rex Simpson    The Man I Am    Sara B. Smith  I Cried Today  

Mike Dunne  Your Love's Got a Hold On Me    

David Lockett   What Would Jesus Say   

Deanna Mlynarek  Picture Perfect   

James Brewer  What's The Use Of Trying    

Michael V. Simmons  I'm Still Drinkin' About You

Greg Shipman   Country Vibration       Del Douds   Baby Girl 

Thelma Shutters  Will Our Leaders Cry,   I've Done The Time   

James Brosnahan  Two People In Love,  Lucky Man,   Tear In My Beer  

Curtis Cameron      I Hope He Drops You Softly       

Glenn Zilch      The Best Part      

Spencer Preston        Many Candles To Light    

Trudi Cross      He's Her Hero     

Mike Barlow        Here Comes The Flood,    Looking Out Looking Back

Lisa Cole       Music City Dreams,    We're In This Together     

Michael Scott Landrio New Rivers 

Marilyn Oakley The Beauty In My Lady           

Leanne Denise Hendley  Love is In (This Time Of Year), Poverty Me        

Karen A. Streich  Welcome To My Home, I’ve Lost Her,  

My Name Is Hope,  Our Hearts One Beat 

Meredith Arneson   Down In The Foothills, 

The Price You Have To Pay,   Tear Down The Fences 

Belinda Vaness   I Long For You   Joanne Smith   Your Own Destiny   

Mike Parrish  Rent - Not Own    Thurman Miller   Sweet Talking Lies

Travis Myles    Now That Forever's Come And Gone,  

She Got Over Me Today,   I Told You So   

John Marsh      Becca Hemmerman         Wayne Evans

  Family Man                    Giving You Me              No Heartaches Just Headaches

Johnny Alexander         John P. Webb           Leo Holley                    

Meant To Be Love              Love You All Over Again       Eyes Of Misty Blue                  

Amanda Warner            Cara Elliott         Michael Hardwick

City Of Dreams                            I Need You                            Angel

Paul Rodericks            Scott Perry        Michael Matthews         

    Coming Home                   Angel's Song            My Someone Special    

Jon E. Richardson   Scott M. A. Marchio    Alan Hamid   

       Eternally                                 Life                God Doesn't Live Here No More

John Aspinall                             Lisa McKillop                           

She Tries So Hard                       That's When I Know That (I'm In Love)  

Alan Bint                                       Terence Jackson

The Day The Hope Died                     My Love Will Never Go Away         

Donna Barlow          Joseph Conway            Steve Ross       

I Promise You              Be With You Again (In Heaven)          Friends             

Craig Ackroyd   Achilles Heel  

Ahmed Iman            Jerry Davis           Lori Dickerson

Don't Wait For Me         No Reason No Glory       Under This Blue Collar  

Scott Masciarelli        Arthur R. Linton          Alina Cosma                 

     Cadence                                Cling To Hope                      Should It Be                      

E. E. Flood  Let Us Praise Him 

Allen Bilodeau     John T. Rogers            Lloyd A. Kyrk

October Girl              Barefoot To The Tideline       Our Love Keeps On Rising  

Carlton Abner                      Brian Oslick            Judy Maness

I'd Never,    Goodbye Will Come           She                           She Stepped Up  

Donald R. Mask       

Darling (Why Don't You Write Me A Letter)          

Debbie Giselle Houle                         Leonard Franko

Tell On Me                                        A Lonely Train Is My Kind Of Train  

Vernon Sydney Healy                    Paul Edward Napora                 

I Can't Count On You,   Selfish Lady                       Remembering                                  

Laura Vinson and Dennis Charney

I'm A Lover (Not A Talker)                                        

Brian McCann                

Maggie I'm Sorry                        

Elizabeth Reilly   Until,    The Loveliness Of You,   When All Is Said And Done,    Do You Ever Think We Should Have Tried,     Little Feet

Allen Stewart               The Pain Of Loving You,    Do You Remember?   

Delores Murdoch   Cowboy Zoo, Pearl     

Dave Mesrey    Hazel Park

Shannon McKay      Colors Of Redemption,    Train Wreck

Lacy Hilliard   Daddy     

Rebecca Pickup  Gone But Not Forgotten

Erin Smith   Nobody Knows,  Emotions Of A Tradgedy

Samuel Haffner  As I Was

Jeffrey Berson   Bird Rock Bandits

Rick Boyles   If Jesus Had Not Died

Ben Bogg   One More Time

Joe Dawson   Living My Dream

Lindy Ryan   Stars In My Eyes

Steven Kreutzer   For This Moment

Kenneth Paul Wallace   The Lord Stands By Your Side

Irene Ellis   Cheater

Wilf Bateman    The Letter

Trista Roddick   The Mirror Doesn't Lie

Rick Norheim    The Land's Breaking Me,   I Touched Your World Today,  Lost In The Night



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