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of  Mike Russell ASCAP and Richard Melvin Brown SOCAN


Attention:  Publishers, Artists and Producers.   Please have a listen to the following Original Songs for consideration in your future recording projects.  These demos have been recorded in a "Middle of the Road Country Pop Style" but could be easily interpreted in other musical styles by both Male or Female vocalists.

Downloadable MP3s and Lyric/Chord Sheets are available by request to serious inquiries. Publishing is negotiable

For serious inquiries please contact Rick Brown

All songs on this web page were written by Mike Russell lyrics ASCAP and Richard Melvin Brown music SOCAN and are protected by copyright

Some songs on this webpage are Streaming Only

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Amber Waves Of Shame    

Past The Tracks     

You Can Blame It On The Whiskey    

The Best I've Ever Had  

Tell Me it Aain't So (and I'll believe it)  

Forgetting Is Cheaper In Mexico  

Living With Another        

This Lonesome Road   

  The Middle of Nowhere        

Talking to the Wall   

Lonely Woman and Bad Booze   

If We Take the Time   

Not Quite Lovers, Not Quite Friends    

Someone to Stop the Rain  

I'll Always Be Your Man   

An Unfinished Life  

Picking up All the Pieces   

Broken Glass and Photographs   

Love Struck Disaster   

Whiskey Creek   



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Playing It Backwards  

The Handwritings On The Ceiling  

Tears In The Rain  

Dangerous Curves Ahead  

You're Doing That Thing Again  

Just No Words 

Cold Hearted Woman 

Whiskey Breath And Shaky Hands 

I Wish I Didn't Love You so damn much 

Making My Way Back To Memphis 

Why Should I Keep Loving You


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