Moments In Between   From the album "Moments In Between" by Greg Paul

From left to right

GREG PAUL "lyricist Frank Stachow" and a much younger Me, "composer Richard Melvin Brown"

Sadly Greg passed away on November 9th, 2016. and is dearly missed by his family, friends and many fans

Please scroll down the page and have a listen to Greg's incredible voice 
Greg Paul

Words and Music by      Frank D. Stachow Socan and   Richard Melvin Brown Socan

Performed by Greg Paul, Produced by R. Harlan Smith and Published by ROYALTY MUS PUBG INC  Edmonton AB Canada

Because this song is being offered for sale by the Artist's Record Company I cannot offer you a free download. . This song is Streaming only.

However you can purchase the song (and/or) album online direct from Royalty Records by clicking here.

To listen please click the  on the Audio player below

  Moments In Between  to listen click the PLAY arrow


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